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The Incomparable Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah once said, “Ghanaians are not hesitant individuals as has been proposed in the unfamiliar press. A long way from it. They might be delayed to outrage, and set aside some effort to put together and act. Yet, when they’re prepared they strike and strike hard.”

We are in the new ordinary and things continue to change regular. Face covers and social removing has discovered their ways into the regular vocabulary of the normal individual and Ghanaians are no exemption.

The Coronavirus pandemic has accompanied something reasonable of changes to our lives and it is something we’re steadily becoming acclimated to and that is the reason Ghanaian adolescents are not strange in their interest for change in this new typical everyday routine we’re experiencing.

#FixTheCountry what begun as a web-based media activism crusade on Ghana twitter has earned worldwide consideration. It has crested at No. 1 on Ghana and Nigeria as well as No. 2 on the overall twitter pattern. Indeed!! That is the means by which far the hashtag has gone.

What necessities fixing? Each part and arrangement of our dear country needs fixing. From the crown of the nation’s head in Hamile to the bottom of its feet in the Bay of Guinea, everything appears to be broken and the prior we see changes, the better for any kind of family down the line.

We awaken regular and we are taking on the very conflicts that our seventh generational predecessors battled. Over 60years of autonomy and we are fighting with Dumsor, Galamsey, Schools under trees, debasement, joblessness, and so on.

We end up secured up an endless loop of a political carousel between the NDC and NPP who appear to have figured out how to play this game so well. They come out as adversaries and head to sleep like a recently married couple not prepared to lose each other’s hold and standing by to drain a lot of the country’s assets in the following 8 years. Same coin of various sides they are.

The situation of the country can be compared to type one diabetes, where there is “hunger amidst bounty”. For what reason should we endure like this when we have been honoured with pretty much every regular asset. Simply envision how a few countries would have managed Gold, Cocoa and oil?

Be that as it may, here we are in Ghana where NSS staff is paid GHC 559.00 every month except a Clergyman gets GHC 1000.00 as sitting remittance in one gathering. Notwithstanding our wealth, day-old infants and their moms are lying on the exposed floor in wellbeing offices due to “no bed condition”. People are drinking from a similar water source as creatures. We squander cash to set up the foundation and leave them to decay since it was not formed by our gathering. It’s so dishonourable the possibility of the inhumanity of our government officials makes me need to hurl.

Be that as it may, for how long are we going to endure and give up our resolution to select voracious rare sorts of people who like the Good book certifiably portray them come as “deceivers”. For how long will we permit them to misleadingly give up to us like “Christmas Chicken” during political decision time possibly to transform into lions when they come to control.

For how long will we permit them to gloss over us and guarantee paradise on earth without considering them responsible for their words in the event that they come up short? How long would we say we will sit reserved for them to claim to be working while they just structure legislatures of slanted loved ones with a secret plan of make, plunder and offer?

So Yes! This is an ideal opportunity to leave your voice alone heard. This is an ideal opportunity to emerge Ghana youth and rise up to be checked. This is an ideal opportunity to yell our lungs out and substantiate teeth to these individuals we’ve given the command to that, That’s it!!!

So Yes! #FixTheCountry Mr President on the off chance that you need to continue to flaunt about the number of unfamiliar direct speculation your administration has pulled in our country. #FixTheCountry Mr/Mrs Priest. #FixTheCountry MP! Our message is simply basic, #FixTheCountry!!!!!!!!!!

Allow me to end with Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah similarly as I began; “If change is denied, or excessively since a long time ago deferred, viciousness will break over here and there. It isn’t that man arranged or willed it, yet it is their aggregated complaints that will break out with volcanic rage.” A useful piece of advice they say is sufficient.

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