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Worlasi, a Ghanaian rapper, singer, and songwriter, has revealed all we need to know about Sarkodie.Sarkodie, the multi-award-winning rapper, is best recognized for his flow and delivery, which has earned him the BET Award for best international flow in 2019.

Many of his fellow rappers and the African public believe that there is no one on the continent that can match him in terms of flow and delivery as a rapper. Rap has a lot of various ways of doing things. Every rapper has a strong suit, whether it’s flow and delivery, punchlines and wordplay, being a deep lyricist, or being hilarious and cheesy.

Sarkodie should be studied as a course in schools, according to music producer Hammer of the Last 2, which sparked a heated controversy in Ghana.

Worlasi, the rapper, has brought the dead back to life by tweeting something similar to what Hammer, the producer, started a few years ago. He expressed his displeasure on Twitter, writing:

“Sarks rhymes, flow & choice of words should be a study. I think sometimes it is impeccable”.

This has sparked a new debate about Sarkodie’s flow, rhymes, and word choice being a study for Ghanaians, particularly those who study music in school.

Do you think Sarkodie’s flow, rhymes, and word choice should be studied, as Worlasi suggests?

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SarkNatives is a well-organized association in the music industry to support the brand Sarkodie. In all the Ghanaian Creative Industry and its creativities means a lot to us. If you are a music brand outside Ghana or in Ghana please feel free to send us an email( We will gladly welcome it for possible business collaboration. Please address any questions to SarkNatives via WhatsApp +233(0)574418583 or +233(0)540991947. Our main aim is to support one of Africa’s best rapper Sarkodie. We are open to sharing projects of any upcoming and established Ghanaian Artist all over the World. Our aim is to bring all fan base together for a common goal. By educating musicians to respect their fans, and open up opportunities for their fans.

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