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A grass cutting function has been held for the development of The Pan African Heritage World Museum, which is supposed to be the greatest in Africa. The Pan African Heritage World Museum, when finished, as indicated by the President, will give a resting spot to every one of the plundered relics housed in unfamiliar galleries in Europe and somewhere else.

“The exhibition hall is unquestionably an imaginative container Africanism project and the public authority is likewise supporting its turn of events. The exact condition of the help government will give is the subject of continuous conversations between the chief board and the Service of The travel industry, Expressions and Culture, and the outcomes will be completely promoted.”

“I’m happy that when finished, this task will give instruction in the historical centre’s exhibition for guests to become familiar with the set of experiences, societies, native goals of our precursors who showed their purpose to secure our current circumstance,” the President said.

Talking at the grass cutting service, Akufo-Addo asked local people in the space not to be an obstruction to the development of the gallery.

“I ask you, occupants of the space and those inside this prompt catchment territory to be aware of the way that you will be definitive recipients of this undertaking, so kindly, don’t place any obstructions in the method of financial backers or workers for hire. There ought to be a heartfelt relationship among you,” he added.

The gallery, which will be the greatest in Africa, was the possibility of Kojo Yankah, past Leader of the Skillet African Recorded Theater Celebration (PANAFEST) and author of the African College School of Interchanges.

The plan of the Historical center is molded as a Horn which is inseparable from a trumpet which is an instrument frequently utilized in strict services.

It is required to be finished in July 2023.



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