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CEO The Last Two Music Gathering, Mallet has revealed on Rainbow Diversion that he is not, at this point a music maker. The various honour winning maker who is known for preparing the absolute best performers in Ghana said he could focus on music and his bread business. Talking only to have DJ Slice, he said he is currently submitting his full ideal opportunity to his bread business.

Sledge told the host that he is not, at this point dynamic in music since he doesn’t have the opportunity to join music and the bread business. As indicated by him, A1 Bread has a huge piece of the pie in the country subsequently his administrations are requested day and night and “so I don’t get time to join music and the business”.

He said “individuals consistently need me to consolidate the music and the bread business however I generally disclose to them I can’t do it. Music for me is enthusiastic. At the point when I make music, I contribute without fail and feeling. Music for me is passionate. I can’t join the two. It is possibly I submit completely to music or something else. I put everything inside. It is difficult.”

“That is me. I use music to communicate my emotions. I can’t do it low maintenance. It is possibly I’m making music or I’m selling g bread. I can’t sell bread and make music.”




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