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There are so many ways of making it in the music industry; the industry has been changing in recent times, with new platforms to take advantage of. Fortuitously, there is a whole of things you can do to create a sustainable career in the music industry. Getting knowledgeable info about the music industry is very essential for you to have a successful career. Below are 5 tips on how to make it in the music industry;

*Stand Out From The Crowd

Yes, it’s obvious that you need to have the talent to do well in the music industry, but being talented may not be enough. Being able to sing or play your instrument well is, of course, is the main part of making it as a singer artist in the industry, but there is always room for improvement.

Many singers, for example, make the mistake of thinking they don’t need singing lessons because they can sing. Singing lessons can help a singer to develop their voice and teach them tricks on how to use it effectively. Even established singers will continue to have lessons to maintain their vocals and ensure bad techniques don’t creep in.

There are millions of great musicians out there, so it’s your job to take it one step further and be amazing. Standing out as an upcoming art allows you to have the hype/attention of the media. Just to name a few, in these recent times the like Bosom p-yung Ay poyoo FA square, all have/had the attention of the media because of their uniqueness.

*Have An Image 

Many smaller artists in the industry often overlook having your own ‘image’. It might not be something you want to focus on when you’re starting out, but it’s something people who listen to you notice if they see you live or online and want to follow you as an artist. 

As an artist, you have to have the whole package, right down to your style choices and social media artwork; it needs to be uniform and consistent. Your image and music is core to you being successful as an act and they must, therefore, reflect your personality. 

*Be Different 

Your image should complement your music and hopefully make you stand out too. Try to develop something unique that stands out about yourself and market it to the target audience who will relate best to you. 

Even bands and artists that don’t appear to have an ‘image’ in the traditional sense still have an identity, so try to find something special about you that people can appreciate but can also relate to. In our part of the world, musicians were tagged as drop out or street boys until we saw some musicians defuse the gap between the corporate world with entertainment (musicians). Sarkodie is an example to this.

*Utilise Social Media – It’s Free! & Work With Bloggers 

When it comes to starting out as an artist in the music industry, you need to promote your music in some way. Social media is one of the best ways to get your message across. 

If you don’t have much money to start out with, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great platforms for artists to promote their music online because you can reach a large audience easily and it’s free.  

Make sure you use these platforms to engaging your fan base – be personal and give people a reason to interact with your content. Online bloggers are often great people for musicians to start building connections within the music industry. 

People who have really dedicated music fans run some online blogs. Musicians themselves may even run them. These are definitely people who you’ll want to get to know and build connections with. 

If you’re an artist you could also ask these bloggers to feature you on their blogs. It really builds up your ‘social proof,’ which means proving that you are a legitimate musician to your audience (by having your content featured on someone else’s blog). 

These are some few tips to help you, We hope you found them helpful 



SarkNatives is a well-organized association in the music industry to support the brand Sarkodie. In all the Ghanaian Creative Industry and its creativities means a lot to us. If you are a music brand outside Ghana or in Ghana please feel free to send us an email( We will gladly welcome it for possible business collaboration. Please address any questions to SarkNatives via WhatsApp +233(0)574418583 or +233(0)540991947. Our main aim is to support one of Africa’s best rapper Sarkodie. We are open to sharing projects of any upcoming and established Ghanaian Artist all over the World. Our aim is to bring all fan base together for a common goal. By educating musicians to respect their fans, and open up opportunities for their fans.

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